Glenn: Legacy Edition


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10″ Deluxe Action Figure


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Glenn Rhee, with his uncanny ability to move in and out of perilous situations, has become Rick’s “go-to-town” expert. Throughout the apocalypse, Glenn has proven himself a vital cog to the survival of the original Atlanta group. Though brave and selfless, he often finds himself in situations that could spell his own end.

This figure stands 10 inches tall and comes featured in a blood-splattered paint effect. Glenn: Legacy Edition comes equipped with new arms holding Glenn’s pistol accessory. Circular black base included for dynamic posing.

*There will be a Glenn: Legacy Edition variant figure without the blood splattered paint effect. Limited quantities available.


June 2017


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Action Figure, Deluxe Box

Scale: 10 Inches

Packaging: Window Box


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